The World Opening Up

Written By Emily Sargeant

 It is time, restrictions are easing, and the world is opening up. Taking a step in the right direction, and finally able to get back some normality.

With the end of lockdown, the rise of vaccinations and summertime just around the corner we can at last put down the laptops, grab the sunglasses and head to the beach, we can have barbecues, reunite with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones, socialise in person, and go on that long-awaited holiday. The world is opening back up; something which feels long overdue!

For many, lockdown has been a learning curve, and whilst it has at times been challenging it has also really opened eyes, bringing to light the importance of cherishing time with loved ones; not taking them for granted and appreciating the moments spent together. As such, with the world opening up, seeing friends and family again is a top priority, whether this be for a walk, picnic or meal-out.

Whilst taking a step back from the technology that we have so heavily relied on for the past year is essential, reduced restrictions allow for the reopening of businesses and as such, workloads and responsibilities are increasing. This presents challenges when trying to sustain a balance between social life and work life. Often with rising commitments, work life can take over, creating an imbalance, this is a challenge I aim to help individuals overcome through my job as a virtual assistant, whereby I can help reduce the workload and increase free time, which can then be spent with loved ones.

As a virtual assistant, I aim to help clients achieve a healthy work-life balance, easing the pressure they experience on a daily basis, whether that be caused through a busy home and family life, large workloads and/or numerous commitments. Supporting clients and achieving a good work-life balance helps to maintain productivity, avoid burnout, and reduce stress, therefore improving health and wellbeing.


Redundancies and how my services can help and save businesses money etc

Juggling a busy work schedule and maintaining a social life can be challenging, but with looming deadlines, commitments and responsibilities work can often take over our lives. My services aim to relieve pressure and reduce workload to create more free time, promoting a healthy, balanced work to life ratio. In addition, my services can improve productivity, efficiency, and time-management, as well as highlighting priorities and saving you money. I provide a wide array of services, for instance, social media management, travel research and bookings, business admin, digital marketing services and lifestyle support.


Travel in the UK and abroad

As a result of lockdown and restrictions, many found their holidays being cancelled or postponed, however, with the world reopening, we can start to book holidays and begin to enjoy the luxuries again. Booking and planning a holiday can be a stressful process, with many options available, and as such it can end up be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. To help reduce this pressure, I provide travel research and booking support as part of my services, within which I search around finding the best and most suitable deals for you, I additionally take care of booking hotels, arranging transport, organising plans, and finding activities to do, making certain the process of booking holidays is hassle-free and ensuring you get the holiday you envisioned and deserve.


Starting and building a business during a world pandemic

Lockdown has had a significant impact on people’s lives, forcing society to adapt to a new way of living, which relies heavily on technology to stay connected. For many, lockdown provided an opportunity for individuals to learn new skills, pick up new hobbies and in some cases, start a business.

I personally have experience in creating and setting up a business and becoming my own boss. As of October 2020 (UK lockdown no.2) I handed in my notice and am now pursuing a career that I love. Drawing from my own experiences, I am able to offer guidance and expertise, aid with managing workloads and help to retain a healthy and balanced work to life ratio, all of which will encourage the growth and success of your business, while also guaranteeing you have some time off.



This year has been tough, we all deserve a break. With COVID restrictions easing, spending time with loved ones and relaxing is essential. Whether for a walk or a BBQ; seeing loved ones has never been so important.

With heavy workloads and increased commitments, this can be difficult however. With my services available I am able to aid a healthy, balance work to life ratio; freeing up your time. This allowing you to enjoy meeting up with family and relaxing without the heavy stress of a workload.  

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.


Emily Sargeant